Big hearts on big bikes

The joy of cycling

Cycling is a good way to stay fit while spending time outdoors. There are many ways to enjoy cycling. Take in the scenery and discover new places on different routes. Plan excursions with your family and friends and spend some quality time together.

Bike rental

Bikes that combine high quality, comfort and safety

Rent bikes that combine comfort, high quality and safety. These frames are designed with robust components, quality steel and innovative technologies. They offer a safe and comfortable ride. To offer the highest levels of comfort and safety, these bikes are equipped with several features. When renting a bike from a provider like Holland Bikes, check the rental conditions.

Buying a bike

Criteria for choosing a bike

The ideal choice of a bike depends on how you intend to use it. Before buying, there are a few criteria you should consider. Choose your equipment based on your budget and the specific features you need: semi-rigid mountain bike, full suspension, city bike, electric bike, etc.

Type of bike

Type of bike

The size of the bike

The size of the bike

use of the bike

The use of the bike

Health benefits

An effective & enjoyable form of aerobic exercise

Cycling is an enjoyable and effective form of aerobic exercise, suitable for all levels of fitness. It is a great way to relax and get some physical exercise. You can cycle by training at different intensities. This versatile exercise is good for your health, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, keeps you fit and facilitates your blood flow. Pedalling can also help with weight loss, mental health and stress relief.

Cycling tours

Cycling tours

Cycle touring update

Cycle touring is popular in associations and clubs in many regions. This outdoor activity allows people to cycle long distances. Although it is possible to complete a cycling tour in one day, these tours can also last several days and involve travelling through countries or regions. This helps the cyclists to gain a sense of accomplishment and freedom.

Cycling competitions

There are many cycling races

Cycling competitions take place all over the world. Available at all levels, you can also compete in regional competitions or aim for the big international professional races. There are track races, road races, mountain races, cross-country, trials, BMX, downhill…

cycling races

Intelligent Cycling - Focus

Intelligent cyclists use their bikes for everyday journeys such as going to the market and to work. It is not just for leisure or sport. This sustainable, environmentally friendly transport offers several benefits such as improved quality of life and well- being for the cyclist.